Copy and Paste!

Some family members go together like peanut butter and jam - or like...copy and paste. Do you have a little one who is the exact replica of you? Is another little one the spitting image of your spouse? Or, maybe you have trouble finding your socks from time to time and would just like to copy and paste them together in one place. Whatever your big picture is, it’s nice to know that it all computes when you wear these cute and punny “copy and paste” shirts and socks.

Your “mini me” who follows you around all day, like you’re his or her little shadow, will fit right into the pint-sized t-shirt while you slip into the adult one. One is copy and the other one is paste which all adds up to the picture perfect results. The shirts are constructed of top-line, high-quality soft cotton fabric that is super comfortable but sturdy enough for frequent wear. The sox are luxurious and comfy too.

Buy the shirts for your family. Might as well grab another set. They make fun gifts to give because this fun design just jumps off the page to make a statement. Fun and fabulous...get your “copy and paste” shirts and socks today.



Youth (Son)

Youth (Daughter)

Baby (Son)

Baby (Daughter)