Family (Traditional Chinese Lettering)!

Family is a universal word and the bonds between family members are unbreakable, no matter what language it’s spoken in. Express your feelings and say it with love for the whole world to know. Whether your family is Chinese, American Chinese, American English, English, or any other nationality, you can bridge the language barrier when you proclaim your feelings for family in this universal way.

This design is available in a poster and t-shirts with bold Chinese lettering. The poster is excellent to hang on any wall and is in vivid black and white colors. It can even be framed. You’ll find it in sizes that fit the whole family - from the littlest emperor to the teens, tweens, and adults. It is made of the ultimate quality of fabric that is soft and gentle on your skin, but tough enough to withstand lots of wearing and washing. Going to a Chinese restaurant, event, or outing? Surprise your family with t-shirts.

Got a Chinese family you’re looking to gift presents to? Here ya go! A fabulous conversation starter, this t-shirt and poster speaks volumes about the very thing the Chinese hold dear above all else - family. Get yours today.