Home (Traditional Chinese Lettering)!

Home! It’s where the heart is. And it’s where this warm and thoughtful poster is too. You can even hang these fine shirts in your home...but, they are so awesome, you and your family members will probably want to wear them instead. The word “home” has a special meaning for the Chinese people.

Their home is a sacred place that should be respected. When you visit a Chinese home, you will want to follow their customs. Accept or decline the invitation directly to the person who issued the gesture. Take your shoes off before you enter the home. Wearing shoes inside is not only a rude thing to do, it’s spiritually wrong too. Many Chinese think shoes worn inside brings in evil spirits (and dirt, disease, and all sorts of bad things). Also, don’t forget to bring a gift. If you are going to visit a Chinese family, whether it’s in the country of China, in America, or anywhere else, you will want to present the family with a present.

What better gift than these family t-shirts, available in all sizes, from youth to adult? Grab the poster too. You can even frame it if you’d like. Both the poster and the shirts are top-quality, so you’ll be giving a lovely gift to the family that was gracious enough to invite you into their home.