Make waves this Summer!

Your summer fun is in the bag when you latch on to this “Get Your Summer On...Seas the Days” over-the-shoulder carry-about tote. With crisp and colorful graphics and sturdy fabric, this attractive, finely-constructed, high-quality canvas bag is perfect for packing items all the items that are needed for your perfect summer day.

Whether you are filling your tote with a bottle of sunscreen, beach towel, cap, water bottle, and a good book for a fabulous sunny day at the beach, loading fruit, sandwiches, snacks, drinks, and more for a fantastic family summer outing, or are headed out to your favorite sun-ridden hotspot and want to bring all your trusty “stuff” along with you, you are sure to make the most of any day when you carry this bag as a reminder that life is too short to go out empty-handing.

This adorable and amusing, top-notch quality tote is very lightweight, so it won’t load or bog you down, but it is super durable and strong, so you never have to worry about a strap breaking or the bottom falling through. Seize the precious moments of each sunny day when you seas the summer in red-hot cool style. Get your fun-filled summer seafaring bag today!